Hotdog Hotshot

Hotdog Hotshot

Hotdog Hotshot is an addictive time-management game
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License type: Shareware

Hotdog Hotshot is a fast-paced time-management game where you have to handle the requirements of running a hotdog vending stand. Your mission is to keep the customers happy, earn profit, and surpass your competition.

Hotdog Hotshot is a typical time-management game that doesn’t offer any special or innovative features. If you like this type of games, you will surely like Hotdog Hotshot too. If you hate time-management games, chances are Hotdog Hotshot won’t make you feel any different.

Its cartoon-like graphics are not impressive or sophisticated, but they’re quite cute and appealing. Some of the customers are represented by hilarious characters, and this fact makes the game even more appealing. The game story is also pretty interesting and captivating, as the hotdog vending stand that you manage is also part of a reality TV show in which you compete against other vendors.

The gameplay is very simple and rather linear, lacking any considerable depth and complexity, and that’s because most of the game elements come in small numbers (for example, the menu you can serve is quite minimalistic, which is actually normal for a simple hotdog vending stand). Unfortunately, this may make the game a bit boring for some players. Anyway, it’s still a nice game that could please a lot of casual games players, especially the ones that enjoy this kind of simple time-management games.

Margie Smeer
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  • Cute characters
  • Nice game story
  • Affordable


  • Lacks originality and unique features
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